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Landlord Frequently Asked Question

Owners will receive rental income into their nominated bank account on the day we receive the rent. The owner will also receive a detailed statement via email or post at the time of the deposit into their account. We provide our owners with an end-of-year financial statement for tax time.

The tenant’s capacity to pay rent is important when deciding on suitable tenants. We check rental payments on a daily basis to make sure that tenants do not fall into arrears.

But, changes in circumstances can impact a tenant’s ability to pay rent. We communicate with our owner’s when a tenant is behind in their rent. During this time we will follow the legislation to make sure that any loss they might incur is minimal.

Of course, our owners are more than welcome to attend inspections although we find that most owners prefer to leave the hard work to us–that’s why we’re here!

Our property managers conduct inspections within the first three (3) months of a tenancy and six (6) monthly thereafter.

Once completed, owners receive an inspection report with photos and notes on the condition of the property and outline any maintenance.

These inspections are additional to the ingoing and outgoing inspection we conduct which at the beginning and end of each tenancy.

We contact our owners at least a month before the lease is due to expire to seek instructions. Once we receive a response from our owners, we then contact the tenant to offer the lease terms set out by the owner.

On the occasion that the tenant is due for a rent review, we will contact our owner at least 2 months before the lease expires to discuss options of a rent increase.

If we have identified a property requires maintenance, we will inform our owners and gain their approval before any works are carried out. At the time of gaining our owner’s approval, we suggest a tradesperson and tell of any costs that may be charged. Maintenance invoices are paid from the rental funds.


When an owner needs a tenant to move out of the home, they first contact us and inform us of the reasons. From there we follow the legislation to make sure the tenant is given correct notice.

Owners are not liable for any damage caused to the home by the tenants. We ask them to rectify the damage ASAP along with issuing a breach notice if required. This will escalate to termination and court eviction if required.